Salviafarm- Vitae, a.s. company was registered on 30. 05. 2003 and commenced its activity in Jauary 2003.

The basic goal of company is to satisfy the customers’ needs with high- quality, price- reasonable and available medical preparations.

The goal set is secured by the company within the cooperation with re-known large- scale drug manufacturers in the Slovak Republic There is a close cooperation between Salviafarm- Vitae, a.s. company and foreign companies with regard to the machnery park and techological equipment of manufacturing premises built up as well.

General Director of
RNDr.PhMr. Ladislav Kovács

A special performance goal is to accomplish the formation of the own competitive production programme, highly priorised to process the generic   drugs pertaining to the Drug categorisation of the Ministry of the Health of the Slovak Republic. The priority in adjustment process of these solid drug forms can be seen in the economic exploitation of the machinery park, labour fund when compared with the competion companies. The company’s main goal lies in extension of production to further large-scale manufacturing of the preparations. (LSMP) with reagard to efficient and cheaper farmacotherapy of the human and veterinary preprations.

Our company’s productiona can be seen as unique due to the possibility of to manufacture human and veterinary preparations in the spray form. This will secure the health and environmental protection upon their application. This production will secure the unique position of our company in this manufacturing branch due to the absence of comparable products in the market.

The possibility of quick adaption upon the change of the production programme, together with successfull economic effect represents the invaluable company’s advantage.

The company was granted the ISO 9001:200 as well as GMP certificates, SITE MASTER FILE including.